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Baker Tilly FTTD

Baker Tilly Fibre to the Desk Project. Sixty desk top clients connect on a Fibre To The Desk GPON system designed by WCN.

Bay Palms Apartments Browns Bay​

Bay Palms Apartments Browns Bay East Auckland. WCN designed and Installed a fibre optic GPON cabling system that now provides Ultra Fast Broadband services throughout the entire complex including 67 Apartments.

Kiwi Rail

Kiwirail Bunnystreet Wellington Train Station Project

Key Oaks Hotel

WCN designed and installed a Fibre Optic GPON system into the Key Oaks Hotel in Courtney Place, Wellington.

The Hotel is 10 stories and has 327 rooms. All guest rooms are connected to the Ultra Fast Broadband Network with an ultra high speed fibre optic cable link connected behind the room TV. The Hotel MATV Satellite Service is also delivered to each room from a Roof Top Antenna Dish through the Fibre Optic Cabling. Installation of the Fibre Optic Network also saved significant cost as compared to running a copper network.

Tuata Road

Housing New Zealand Housing Project in Tuata Road, One Tree Hill.

WCN designed and installed a GPON network into the site saving Housing NZ cost in the process.

Sunset West Apartments

WCN designed and installed a Fibre Optic GPON system into Sunset West Apartment, 251 Victoria Str, Wellington . This project had the team running fibre cabling to 6 stories and 63 individual apartment with a dedicated 1gbps dedicated fibre link installed in the building’s communications room.

This Fibre Solution offers reliability, agility and a greater amount of future proofing through its ability to support next generation smart services .

Kiwi Rail Woburn Station, Lower Hutt

WCN designed, built and implemented new fibre optic cable runs and new network layout.

WCN installed new network switches.

New fibre optic cabling backhauls and reticulation under tracks and between building as part of this project.

Kiwi Rail Westfield Station, Otahuhu

WCN designed, built and implemented new fibre optic cable runs installed between administration, office and workshop buildings.

WCN installed new network switch upgrades as part of this over haul.


WCN Connect® is the technology edge that truly future proofs the way we connect with each other and the World Wide Web. The WCN Connect® difference is by design, supply and support implementation of a Fibre Optic LAN that significantly improves the way you operate,now and in the Future.It is the foundation for our design and development for key products to enhance bandwidth capacity and speed




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“I highly recommend this solution to all.”

The shift from Wi-Fi, to a direct hard-wired connection,using fibre,downstream of the modem,as supplied by WCN Ltd., has not only increased the speed of my internet connection by about 25 times but has created a very stable connection. It has allowed me to set up an office upstairs away from the WIFI source while the kids and wife can stream multiple devices without any noticeable interruption to my connection.
Nick Kennedy
Senior Associate I Mechanical Section Manager | Norman Disney & Young