WCN was incorporated in 2014, delivering Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) Technology in Domestic, Small to Medium, Enterprise, Corporate Commercial and Government Establishments. We are a Technology Company, Globally Focussed, providing Fibre Optic solutions to market. Our High Tech development team have produced an “easy to install” Fibre Optic LAN system that is “WCN CONNECT®. With WCN, and our install partners, you will save on the total cost ownership,of your network,while experiencing the best cabling system available

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Anthony Ardelean

ceo / director

Anthony has 35 years experience in the Telecommunications industry and holds qualifications in Telecommunications Engineering. He has worked with Telecom New Zealand, Nokia Global Networks and other global corporates. Over the last 18 years Anthony has successfully founded two start-up companies involved with designing, engineering and delivering Telecommunications network products, services and design solutions into large carrier networks including Telecom New Zealand, Telstra and Vodafone.

Anthonys experience also includes WAN/LAN Network Design, Data Network Design and Implementation, Data Networking Intelligent Product Design, Fibre Optic Technology Design and Commercialisation.

He started working with Fibre Optic networking technology in 1991 with Telecom New Zealand and has been actively involved with the Fibre Optic Technology evolution even since. He is the Managing Director and Founder of WCN Limited which specialises in Telecommunications Network Design and Consultancy, Research , Development and Fibre Optic Technology Innovation. WCN has been very successful in delivering future proofed high performance Fibre Optic Communications Networks into Hotels, large residential development projects, National Government Network Infrastructure Projects, Network Utilities Projects, Retirement Villages Projects and Rural Broadband upgrade Installations for faster Rural Broadband delivery into Rural Farm communities.

WCN LTD is an Innovator and creator of exciting Technologies in Optical Sciences and was nominated by the New Zealand Innovation Council for an award in Innovation in Engineering and Telecommunications.

Iain Walkinshaw


Iain Walkinshaw Iain’s experience has been developed over 39 years in the Electrical Industry. He worked for particularly pioneering companies involved in product development, sales and logistics. Such companies include AuCom Electronics Ltd, inventor of industrial solid-state motor starters, Vynco Industries, manufacturers of low voltage distribution equipment including Military Specification design and local Electrical Wholesale Distribution companies. AuCom Electronics Ltd, gave Iain experience from apprentice electrician to fabrication and complex wiring techniques and products. These products have been sold globally and formed a new industry standard, world-wide. Vynco Industries Ltd is where Iain co developed a switchboard system and as territory manager reversed a sales portfolio to being the largest and most profitable in the company. It was here he was given a sales team to develop and manage. JA Russell Ltd, accepted Iain as a branch manager where he successfully migrated the branch to a new location and simultaneously increasing revenue by 35%. Corys Electrical Ltd, approached Iain to join their National Contacts team where he nurtured and developed relationships with Chorus and their service agents. He was integral in implementing a supply chain system for specific material required in the Government Fibre Optic Network initiative, UFB. Director.

Marc Brunzel

ICT Specialist

Marc has been involved in the Information Technology & ICT Sectors for most of his working life. Prior to joining WCN in 2020, Marc has held various positions from technical to Pre-sales roles with multinational corporation both in Australia and New Zealand.

Through these experiences, Marc has gained a great understanding of both the technical and sales aspects of the IT / ICT industries in the APEC region. It is this combination of technical skills and sales knowledge coupled together with great customer service, that have directly translated to his current ICT role with the WCN team.

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