Fibre to the Jack (FTTJ)

WCN Ltd have developed GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) that will supersede traditional copper-based systems. You can truly future proof your installation with fibre optics forming the structured cabling for your local area network.

The ‘WCN Connect ® brand is everything from the core switch to the last interface device. The WCN Digital Platform is designed to host multitudes of services to streamline your business activity with cyber security as a paramount attribute.

All of your broadband based requirements are improved over fibre optic installations. You will experience no interference or capacity issues with fibre.

Passive simply means that there is a seamless series of fibre cables carrying light signals throughout your premise. There are no powered devices required right up to your end device.

There are hundreds of services that can be deployed over a GPON without degrading your user experience.


Your LAN or Local Area Network is all the devices that are interconnected in your premise. A POL is no different, except, your copper cables are replaced by a fibre optic super high way. There are many advantages to fibre. It’s fast , effective and simply brilliant. And the WCN system is high tech and quick to install and implement immediately.